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Kristine and Neal started going out in 2004, moved to the Macedon Ranges in 2005, had their son Sam in 2006 and their daughter Eloise in 2009.  

Everything was going according to their messy plan until 2017 when Neal became seriously ill.

The journey of an unexpected carer


Highly recommend this podcast series. It breathes light into an unknown illness, a family navigating the journey with love, grief and brutal honesty.  Have the tissues ready.



Kristine's and Neal's story is beautifully told from the perspective of everyone involved. I was immediately drawn in and felt like it was something that could have happened to me or someone else close to me. 

It's an incredible tale of how life can change completely and told in such an insightful way.

Highly recommend.


Care Factor

I have listened to the first 3 of 6 episodes.  I knew the 'Neal medical story' before listening. But not Kristine's story.

I found Kristine's voice intriguing and captivating through episode 1. Humour entwined with pathos. And unscripted agony. I wanted her to break down.

But an upbeat woman not a defeated one was talking to me.

I couldn't help but focus on Kristine's voice as I listened to episodes 2 and 3. And I heard, then, her indescribable strength and persistence and love, which overrode my previous desire for her to be weepingly raw to the listener.

3 more episodes to come. It's like reading a gripping book as I wait for those. I'll then reflect lots more, no doubt.

I highly recommend!

seaside walker

Such an incredible story - and really well told though conversations with those involved. A reminder that life can change in an instant for any of us. Thank you for sharing your heart wrenching story xx

Georgia Mills

Anyone that knows a carer or cares for a loved one with a disability needs to listen to this podcast. Kristine tells her family’s story with honesty, love & humour.  She opens up the hard conversations about being a carer and all the responsibility that’s comes with it. Thanks so much for being brave and sharing your story.

Loretta Cachia

The inspirational story of one family whose life changed in a fleeting moment. Raw courage, love and determination of Kris, Neal and their children to nurture a new world quite unlike the one they once all shared. please take the time to listen to this podcast.

Lee See

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